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I will be studying the influence of Madonna in pop culture, specifically “Like a Virgin” album. I am interested in the topic because I enjoy the music and history behind the music’s evolution in society. The pop music listened to today is incorporated into the mainstream of society, most not knowing the logistics of the industry and the people who really control it. I plan to address the concept that will stereotype within the music today and the stem from the time of America’s establishment. Considering that most of the industry’s consumers are youth. I want to highlight that the music contains violent, over! masculinized stereotypes for the audience’s enjoyment.
Background sources. Madonna. " Material Girl” Like a virgin, Nation Entertainment,
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Schwichtenberg, ‘Cathy. "Madonna's Post Modem Feminism: Bringing the Margins to the Center." The Madonna Collection: Representational Politics, Subculture Identities, and Cultural Theory. Ed. Cathy Schwichtenberg. Boulder: Westview Press, 1993. 129-148.
The purpose of the study was to examine changes throughout the “Like a virgin” line over time, as well as examine gender role portrayals, by using a content analysis approach. The study also sought to determine the gendered nature of climatic rescues throughout the songs videos. It served as a very good starting piece of research. The way males and females are typically seen throughout these songs was portrayed, and it was interesting to see how they have changed over time.
Skeggs, Beverley. "A Good time for Women Only.:' Deconstructing. Madonna. Ed. Fran Lloyd. London: B.T. Botsford Ltd, 1993.61-73
This article gave in-depth descriptions of the ways in which these songs impact children and was an interesting watching. This album was a suitable addition for my first essay and really helped to make my arguments clear. I am recommending this album to my classmates not only because it was interesting and informative, but because most of us have probably had at least several encounters with Madonna’s songs and videos throughout our lives. I was able to relate to the information presented in this album and I think everyone else probably could
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