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Walking through the doctor 's office doors. I thought we came for just a normal checkup, but that 's where I was wrong. As my mother and grandma were filling out papers, I was asked how to spell something. I went to glance at the folder and I seen this sentence, “checking to see if tumor has grew.” I just read a sentence telling me my grandma is diagnosed with cancer. I felt like I couldn 't speak or think. I felt like my heart sunk to my stomach and I felt tears sliding down my cheeks. Right there, I wished there was something I could do. Why was this happening to my grandma? I felt helpless. But, I couldn 't imagine how afraid my grandma must have felt. That day, I knew that for my future job, I wanted to help cure people. Seeing my…show more content…
I believe Madonna University would be the perfect fit for my college choice. I have seen the college due to my older sister graduating there with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing which I plan on doing as well. Multiple organizations I would like to join are Madonna University Nursing Student Association (MUSNA) ,Early Childhood Club or Hispanic/Latino Heritage Club. At Crestwood High School, I play first base for the varsity softball team and would love to play for Madonna 's softball team.
I would like to go to Madonna University because their graduate student’s achieve Christian humanistic values in their students, intellectual inquiry, respect for diversity, and commitment to serving others through a liberal arts education. I would also like to help Madonna University mission by showing my communication skills and helping others throughout their career and choosing what they are willing to do. The Nursing Program includes online classes, hands-on labs, and actual practice in health care settings. I am an individual who likes to be able to use kinesthetic learning while I learn, because I feel like it helps me concentrate easier. I have worked in a restaurant as a bus girl which helped me learn responsibility because I was making money for myself. I also help babysit my nephew and niece and family friends children which helps me prepare for Nursing; due to going into a field working with
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