Lucie And Madame Defarge Gender Analysis

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Dickens uses juxtaposition to compare Lucie and Madame Defarge to show the archetype of the gender ideal. Dickens uses juxtaposition at least three times to show how similar and different these two women are. The first example where Dickens compares Lucie and Madame Defarge is on page 270-271, “La Force! Lucie, my child, if ever you were brave and serviceable in your life- and you were always both- you will compose yourself now, to do exactly as I bid you; for more depends upon it than you can think, or I can say. [...]you cannot possibly stir out. I say this, because what I must bid you to do for Charles's sake, is the hardest thing to do of all. You must instantly be obedient, still, and quiet. [..] I will be submissive to you. I see in…show more content…
Thenceforth, to secure his good will, she always spoke to him first, and often gave him drink money, which he readily received.” This quote shows us one of Lucie’s routines. I shows us how she is a normal woman in the 18th century. It shows us yet again how she really is the perfect girl. This quote shows us how she is caring and gracious. These are some of the qualities that were expected from women in the 18th century. In comparison is Madame Defarge. On page 277, “The shadow attendant on Madame Defarge and her party seemed to fall so threatening and dark on the child, that her mother instinctively kneeled on the ground beside her, and held her to her breast.” In these two quotes we see how differently these two women present themselves towards other people. Lucie is kind, considerate, and everything that Dickens wants a woman to be. When she sees someone else like she does in this quote she tries to be nice and happy and do what she can for them. In this quote she gives the wood-sawyer money. On the other hand Madame Defarge isn’t quick to be nice, kind, nor considerate. Dickens is trying to show us how she isn’t a gender ideal because she isn’t the perfect woman. This quote shows us how Madame Defarge is just naturally cold and gives off scary feels to everyone. This is shown by how the kid was scared and the mother had to go comfort the
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