Maduro's Abuse Of Power

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Isaiah San Diego Abuse of Power A life of no freedom, human right violated day after day while you work diligently to get the necessities you desperately need. Living in a society where your word means nothing and you must support the government regardless, or you might be entitled to a certain punishment. Holding back screams of your distraught and agony from living with this burden of following a strict set of rules. Would these limitations have an impact on you at all? In the United States the Declaration of Rights states that “Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government". We don’t govern our nation based on the Declaration of…show more content…
This type of abusive power that continues to happen in the world is unacceptable and should be addressed by not only the victims, or people of the society but by everyone. No life should be taken for granted or ignored when it cries for help. When it comes to the political incertitude of Venezuela a stronger power needs to come into place so they can levy the power correctly and Venezuela can return to a triumphant state. But not alone, clearly Maduro has no problem waging war against his own people. He has put his army out in the streets not not only control these protests but to try and suppress them. This shows the type of dictator spirit that Maduro has as he begins to violate the people 's right. It is a human right that people have the right to protest, and freedom of speech, who is Nicolas Maduro to take that away from the citizens of Venezuela. Nicolas Maduro is the epitome of a classic dictator and this is no longer a form of government we need to due to the advancements of our society as a whole. We no longer have a vast amount of running dictatorships running across the world because almost never will a country have one single leader that listens to the people and makes the decisions that make most of his society happy. On the contrary what dictators will often due is tune out the voices of the citizens and officials around him or her only because he has the power to do whatever he wants. Dictators violate human rights and often become selfish and self-centered and this is exactly what Nicolas Maduro has become. Its great that the citizens have now stood up to their officials and Nicolas Maduro because they have brought the attention to a big issue at hand. Nicolas Maduro abusing his power like every dictator in the past has. Nicolas Maduro knows exactly what he’s doing as you might not now. He’s actually stopped certain news shows, showing the bad of his actions, and he’s also censored twitter in Venezuela just so he wouldn’t look like the cruel man he
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