Mae Jemison's Future Of Space Exploration Necessary?

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Have you ever thought about space exploration? Do you think we should spend our valuable resources on it? Some people believe that we have a genetic desire to explore space. Although I believe that is false because our ancestors were doing absolutely fine without exploring space. We should not spend our valuable resources on space exploration. To begin, space exploration is dangerous & risky. In “Future of Space Exploration…” Mae Jemison states that it has to be “ an inclusive journey”, meaning that many people have to work together. This is beneficial because many people could become stressed or even go insane due to pressure put on them to get the program to succeed. Additionally in “Danger!”, it states that “...boredom is the biggest threat to a manned Mars mission. This is relevant because if an astronaut gets bored they might do risky moves to find stimulation. In addition, falling into chronic boredom can cause constantly harmful patterns in behavior. This is relevant because what if an astronaut becomes bored and does something that puts the entire crew at risk. What will happen if an astronaut forgets an extremely important procedure?…show more content…
They might have this opinion because they believe we have a genetic desire to explore space and that we expand our territory. In “Future of Space Exploration”, it states that Steltzner said “I can 't really think of a country that 's been stable for 1000 years.” Earth is most likely not going to be able to support life forever. So if we do spend valuable resources on space exploration, we can maybe find another planet. However this is misguided because of the cost of space exploration. Space exploration is very expensive. If we go out and explore space and end up finding out that we can 't survive on any other planet, other than Earth, all the money and resources we used to to launch that spacecraft, goes down the
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