Maestro And Paul's Belonging

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Belonging is the idea of being part of something where you are acknowledged and are accepted. This idea is presented by Nadia and Matt in the picture book Luke’s Way of looking and by Goldsworthy in the novel Maestro. Both of these texts represent belonging through the connection to self, place and others and makes aware that all three are interlinked to each other. These key ideas of belonging are shown through the main characters Paul and Luke. Paul and Luke’s belonging to self is examined throughout both the texts. Paul’s belonging is most clearly seen through his connection to music as it is what he identifies himself with. As Paul ponders the different styles of his parents he realizes that he is their “mulatto”, a musical metaphor for a combination of different parts. Paul’s struggle to belong to self is conveyed through Keller who uses symbolism to describe Paul’s arrogance in his musical ability “The thumb… is too strong. A rooster. A show…show more content…
Paul’s belonging to Darwin is clear in the beginning of the novel as he is fascinated by his surroundings. “Everything grew larger…even the people. Exotic hothouse bloom”. This vivid metaphor is extended to the end of the novel when Keller an exotic bloom dies “I walked out...into a new unfamiliar Darwin”. Clearly showing Paul’s belonging to Darwin and his relationships, when Keller is no longer in Darwin, the place seemed alien. Luke’s belonging to place is shown through his connection to the school. At the start of the book, the school is clearly black and white which are dull colors. Emphasising his hate for the school at the start however this perspective changes after he goes to the gallery which make his opinion on places and the world totally change. The school becomes painted in rainbow colors which are vibrant colors symbolising Luke’s changed perspective on the school. Through these examples Paul and Luke’s connection to place is shown
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