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After seven years of playing the violin, I can proudly say that music has become a part of me.Throughout my experience with playing the violin, there has been one individual who has helped shape the person I am. Providing the enduring teachings that will shape me into a greater human being, this person deserves the utmost respect for establishing my interest in the violin and in music. For the sake of this story, he will be referred to as Maestro Johnson. If I had a ticket that could take me anywhere, I would use it to go back in time to the time when Maestro Johnson was my musical advisor.
With humble beginnings, which was common among the students in my middle school, I never expected myself to devote blood and sweat into an instrument such
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One of which was the unbearable learning curve of playing an instrument. The early years of our orchestra performances of “music” was relatively similar to a swarm of bees and I was surprised that our audience could sit through our torture, but Maestro Johnson did not yield to the challenge that was in front of him. He did not give into our lifeless prowess; instead, he helped give life to what I can call music to my ears. Day in and day out, he would continue to stand at the heart of our orchestra, as our conductor and as our mentor, and ensured that every time we laid foot into his class, we improved both in musical talent and in self-identity. Maestro Johnson allowed the weight of the orchestra to rest on his shoulders as he carried us to greater heights, making leaps and bounds to the peak of success. His determination for honing our abilities as musicians was reflected by the extensive hours he spent at school, staying after school to provided extra support for his students with one on one interactions. On Saturdays, he hosted practices that stretched from morning to well into the afternoon. He took us to see other professional musicians in the hope of inspiring us to continue practicing. Slowly over time, our misfit orchestra began to see the beauty of music. Students played with confidence, accurate intonation, and understood how to
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