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Magazine advertisement send unhealthy signals to society From the beginning of this century, the media have been a great developments and also grown rapidly. Throughout the advertisement used by media can either serve the good or the evil purposes. The freedom of the advertisement makes the society to reflect on issues and affecting it. Therefore, now the advertisement has been used in bad way by our man. Advertisement at times manipulates the truth and the messages sent is intended to achieve some hidden agenda. Nowadays, magazine advertisement send unhealthy signals to society. Magazine advertisement are placed in different publications. Magazine advertisements are so important because they can make any publication. Advertisement through…show more content…
Magazine advertisement have glorify younger, taller, thinner women to be epitome of a successful young women. In the society today, all of these impose as the standards of beauty. The young women portrayed in those magazines, they will feel insecure about their bodies and will do anything to let them look like the modern successful young women. They will start to purchase all the beauty products, diet aides and other product to ensure they can have a perfect body. All the company do not care about the product effect, they just care about their profit. The influence of magazine advertisement on young women is a large impact. By day by day, young women receive the information through the magazine advertisement, they follow the examples about appropriate clothes to put on, the standard of beauty and so on. The magazine advertisement affect the lives, health problems, insecure, lack of self-confidence in the young women. Nevertheless, the advertisement causing the young women to behave in a certain way. In the beauty’s magazine have shown young women should have a thin body. Therefore, young women use unhealthy way to lose weight, such as eating the on diet medicine, without eating anything for whole day just drink water and others. All those young women just wish to be thinner like the images they see in those magazines. Diet’s products and cosmetic surgery are the way for changing the appearance, this is all the magazines promoted. The magazine advertisement should take precautions to prevent hurting the young women. Young women should be confident with their own body shape, they are unique in the world, no one in the world can like each

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