Maggie: A Girl Of The Streets Analysis

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How do human beings encounter and live within their environments? Although modern amenities protect humans from the harsh realities of nature, being alone forces humans to abide by the rules of their environments. Technology serves as a barrier to the environment, as “the countless ways in which your life--and any meaning, comfort, safety, or happiness you may find in life--depends on technology” (Rand). Because of this separation, people are led to believe that they are immune to the dangers of nature. However, this is not the case. Without homes and modern conveniences, even a city would be a difficult place to inhabit alone. One example of this is Maggie, from Maggie: A Girl of the Streets. With no support from her family, she can’t…show more content…
Although civilization has allowed people to place themselves in a different category than nature, humans are a part of the natural world. With this power also comes the responsibility to act in ways that don’t harm other forms of life. In Silent Spring, Rachel Carson brings to light the harmful effects of DDT and pesticide usage. At the time, common citizens weren’t concerned about the environment, and accepted pesticide use as a method to eradicate insect problems. However, by focusing on these single issues, people were missing the larger picture. Not only were pesticides killing the intended targets, but they also killed other forms of life as well. Similar to the main idea of “Thinking Like a Mountain,” people missed the larger consequences of their actions. By focusing on only human desires in regards to the environment, the needs of all other life on Earth is neglected. Even when humans are taken into account first, some of these decisions can actually cause more harm than good. Destroying the Earth is simultaneously destroying humans, because they depend on the environment for survival. Eradicating one species of insects, for example, can have serious unintended effects. These pesticides can kill of pollinating insects as well, which in turn reduces crop outputs. All living things in the natural world depend on one another, just as people depend on one another in human environments. It is the responsibility of all people to protect this delicate
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