Maggie And Maggie In Alice Walker's Everyday Use

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The short story "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker is a story based on a mother and her two children, Dee and Maggie. Mama 's two children are night and day, you have the outspoken Dee and Maggie who is very meek. There are several different dynamic characters in this short story, but today I will be discussing only one, Maggie. Although we all see Maggie conveyed as a meek character throughout the story, she is clearly more than that she is the bearer of the family tradition and culture sacredness.
How long ago was it the house burned? Ten, twelve years? Sometimes I can still hear the flames and feel Maggie’s arms sticking to me, her hair smoking and her dress falling off her in little black papery flakes. Her eyes seemed stretched open, blazed open by the flames reflected in them. Maggie 's life is no fairytale at all, she is riddle with misfortunes all her life. Our narrator set the scene perfectly for Maggie saying, "Have you ever seen a lame animal, perhaps a dog run over by some careless person rich enough to own a car, sidle up to someone who is ignorant enough to be kind to them? That is the way my Maggie walks." From the beginning we see Maggie as this dimwit child sheltered off from the world, hidden away under her mother 's arm. Despite her weakness, Maggie does have some strengths. She has never been to school to have a formal education, but she is a caring young girl and she has also learned how to quilt which is a strong traditional factor that connects her with
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