Maggie Foehlich The Great Gatsby Summary

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Maggie Gordon Froehlich’s academic article on F.Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby, approaches the book from a different level. Froehlich analyses the mentorship between old man and younger man and focuses on how sexuality contradicts between man and woman. The Great Gatsby , experiences that everyone ,-even if their social status is elevated or not- can have the opportunity to reach some level on becoming rich and they can also fulfil their intentions. In the novel it is stated that the key to achieve this situation is to work hard. In the academic article Froehlich tell us about how a person can reach the American dream and the peak point of wealth level like the one in the book and also how a person can reach the breakdown when living the American dream. Conforming to novel the American Dream that has been told about is entirely about materialistic wealth. The biggest supporting document to this is the parties Gatsby threws Saturdays every week. Maggie Gordon Froehlich differentiates the confusion…show more content…
And according to the article it is clearly seen that women and men differs in society. Froehlich gave an example to this by writing; women only shows interest in diamonds and how they look and men deeply and mostly care about reputation. She use properties and sexuality to show the difference in each character’s personality and the moral of the work they do. She picks some quotes from the novel that makes the reader understand the theme of the book. The article’s belief stays the same through the end. Gordon gives us a summary of the characters alterations from the beginning of the novel to the end. Gordon focuses on this article as educational since she is giving information about some topics. She chooses assertive and related examples from the novel so that the reader can follow up the points she wants to give information about. She mostly focuses on homosexuality and the
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