Maggie Nelson's Essay 'Great To Watch'

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With the rapid-development of technology and economy, digital world endow people ability to obtain much more information than before. With the huge information base, people’s behavior might be multicultural and complex. Human behavior is the guideline of the society development. Any social change is related to the social behavior, social opinion and social ideology. According to her essay “Project Classroom makeover”, Cathy Davidson claims that digital media could teach people to rethink the relationship between the basic daily life and society’s issues, and also enhance people’s creativity. Maggie Nelson , the author of the essay “Great to watch”, use some examples which related to the digital media, such as the reality show, to explain that…show more content…
Young people and student are easily get influenced by the context. Because they are not really aware of the complex of society due to their short social experience. They are pure and innocent. They are eager be shaped by their education and surroundings. As Gladwell pointed out in his essay “The power of Context”, he state that “But in reality it is no more than an obvious and common-sensical extension of the Power of Context, that the features of our immediate social and physical world-the streets we walk down, the people we encounter-play a huge role in shaping who we are and how we act” (162). Each elements in children’s live could guide children toward to variety of ways. For a good future development, students should have ability to innovate and endow things new meaning. Creativity is an essential element for students. Based on the Ipods experiment, students create their own methods for better study. This is one of the reflection of the creativity in the real educational context. People change a lot about because of change of educational context. Also, for a perfect personal development, creativity is the key for students to express themselves and show their abilities. Cathy Davidson point out that: “To be prepare for jobs that have a real future in the digital economy, one needs an emphasis on creative thinking, at all levels…many of these jobs require highly specialized and dexterous problem-solving abilities or interpersonal skills” (60). Younger generation and students are more involved in the educational context in most of cases. Therefore, education context should be clearly and accurately guide students how to obtain creativity and other values for their better lives. During this process, students may suffer some

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