Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver Characters

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Maggie Stiefvater 's, "Shiver", was an " Indies Choice Book Finalist", in the "Amazon Top Ten Books For Teens", and in the " Barnes and Nobel 2009 Top Twenty Books For Teens" to only name a few. This book focuses on the saying "love never dies" . Being attacked by a pack of wolves is traumatizing. In this book that is very evident. Grace Brisbane is a senior in high school with an interesting past, she is both one of the two main characters.
It takes place in present day Mercy Falls, Minnesota
In Shiver the author uses a quite informal tone. The characters are sometime playful and realistic . It portrays some characters as cynical. The book as a whole is very poetic and lyrical.
EX: “ I closed my eyes , flared my nostrils, and let the scents in. The Strangest of them, caramel and brown sugar, smell as yellow-orange as the sun, came first...”
That quote is from the protagonist Grace explaining how a candy shop smells inside.
Grace Brisbane Is the Protagonist. She is a senior in high school. At a young age she was attacked by wolves, that left her close to death. She could have died if it was not for one of the wolves saving her. Ever since that happened, she has always been fixated on that certain wolf. Her friends eventually came to the conclusion that she is obsessed and they fight over it. Eventually, someone at her school disappears and the policemen come to the conclusion that he was devoured by wolves, so when Grace was on the way home she had noticed that policemen and town folk were trying to kill all of the wolves into extinction. She literally
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Love. When Sam and Grace are both human form it is not true be. Love ends up taking Sam one which keeps him human. Suffering on this every character in the book suffers or have suffered in someway. Grace is losing Sam at one point in the years that he 'll be he 'll turn into a wall and never turn into a human again. Seems ever when his parents wouldn 't accept him as a wolf. They thought he was something
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