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Maggie L. Walker, an African American woman who lived in the 1800 hundreds, she was a woman that would fight for anything that she believed in. Walker was an activist who brought social change to other African American slaves. Maggie Walker was the first female president ever to own her own bank, she worked to help run down charities, and she was an Activist. Maggie Lena Draper also known as Maggie Lena Walker was born on July 15, 1864 in Richmond virginia. Her parents names were Elizabeth Draper, who was the former slave and cook for Elizabeth Van Lew. Maggie’s father was Eccles Cuthbert. He was a Irish man that met Elizabeth at the Van Lew estate while delivering mail. After Maggie was born, Elizabeth married William Mitchell. In 1876, William was found dead in a river. His death left Elizabeth and her children in…show more content…
Luke. All of these schools helped with African Americans in financial standings. Maggie completed all of her schooling in 1883. Walker and her 10 high schools classmates were said to have been the first African Americans to protest against segregation. They protested on their graduation day because they Herrera 2 wanted to graduate in the schools auditorium with the whites instead of the African American church. They were able to graduate in the auditorium but were still separated. This protest was courageous because they risked getting jobs as teachers in the system they challenged. With all of her schooling done, she went back to the Lancaster school and taught for three years. She got fired because she married her husband Armstead Walker Jr., who was a brick contractor. ( Married teachers went against the school’s policy!) After this Maggie had three sons (one had died in infancy.) and also adopted a daughter. By the time 1895, Maggie was rising rapidly through the
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