Eating Nutritious Foods Case Study

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This video divides the different nutritional routines of consumers in 4 segments, which are Well beings, who are people that exercise very often and eat healthy food. The Magic Bullets is the groups of people who supplementary products and or weight loss products. The Fence Sitters are those people who do not believe in supplementary pills or vitamins so they prefer to select their food, and obtain proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals from the food they purchase. The last group is the Eat, Drink and Be Merrys who are people that do not have an active lifetime, who prefer to purchase unhealthy food if it is delicious for them, and do not pay attention to their diets. 1. How concerned are you about eating nutritious foods? Are you…show more content…
She argues that she goes to the gym twice a month and her nutrition is not very strong. Her segment is without doubt Eat, Drink and Be Merrys. 1. How concerned are you about eating nutritious foods? Are you more concerned about nutritional content of food or the taste and emotional qualities of food? I am very preoccupied about my nutrition and the food I eat. I am an athlete and I try to keep track of the calories I eat every day. (2) Do you eat functional foods like yogurt, soy products, blueberries, green tea, fruit juices, high-fiber cereal bars, and whole-grain products? Functional foods are foods that deliver a health benefit beyond basic nutrition. Yeah, whenever I cannot eat with a balanced amount of proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates, I usually eat yogurt and granola bars. I drink sport drinks and water very often. (3) Do you take dietary supplements on a daily basis? Dietary supplements are products like vitamins, herbal treatments, and digestive and enzyme products. I take protein every day due to all the calories I burnt due to daily physical activities to maintain my weight. (4) Do you consume weight loss products or have you been on a weight loss program within the past year?

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