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“God gave me this disease. He gave it to the right person.” Magic Johnson explains how there is a positive outlook on a negative situation like finding out he was HIV positive. At the time when Johnson was diagnosed with AIDS, people were judged, they thought they would die, and people assumed they had to be gay. He said “I have to save as many lives as I can. People don’t realize this is a disease for the heterosexuals. People need to know that anybody can catch this disease.” When Magic was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS everything negative association about AIDS disappeared. Accordingly, Johnson had a large family with nine siblings. Both his parents worked, his dad worked at a motor shop while his mom was a teacher. He went to Everett High School and got the nickname “Magic” when a writer was at his game and witnessed Magic put up a magical 36 points, 16 assists, and 16 rebounds all in just a single game. He won the State Championship as a high school senior, he leads his team in the final game scoring 34 points and 14 rebounds in a thrilling 62-56 win. Out of high…show more content…
He played multiple positions such as point guard, small forward and power forward. He stood at 6’9 and 231 pounds. He played 2 years at the University of Michigan State and won a national title in his 2nd year in 1979 against his famous rival Larry Bird. In college, he averaged 17 points a game, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists. He was the first pick in the 1979 draft picked by the Lakers. He went on to have a 12-year career and played in 906 games in the NBA. He averaged 19.5 points a game, 7 rebounds and 11 assists throughout his career. He was a 12x Allstar, a 5x NBA champ and a 3x MVP all in just 12 years. His main teammate throughout the years was center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. They played together for 10 years, combining for 56,094 points scored. (“Magic Johnson

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