Magic Realism In Black Tyger

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In the above passage, Azaro illustrates the anger of the compound people through his Father as Black Tyger who drinks ogogoro and expresses his feeling against opponents or the pretenders. His father wants to join the army, through which he wants to take revenge of his opponents. Okri has deployed the narrative techniques meticulously. It is prominent feature of magic realism but Okri has discreetly used it for portraying the African reality with the help of certain dreams which keeps away magic realism in TFR. Black Tyger 's philosophical and prophetic speech is also a good piece of example of narrative technique. When he gets recovered from his last and deadliest battle, he gives philosophical and prophetic speech. He explains what he will, what must be done what we should do as humanity to eliminate the evil that has pervaded our lives. For instance, People who look like human beings are not human beings. Strange people are amongst us. […]Our ancestors are silent. A great something is going to come from the sky and change the face of the earth. […] We must look at ourselves differently. We are freer than we think. We haven 't begun to live yet. […] We can re-dream this world and make the dream real. Human beings are gods hidden from ourselves. […] People who use only their eyes do not SEE. People who use only their ears do not HEAR. […] The heart is bigger than a mountain. One human life is deeper than the ocean. [571-72] In the above speech, Azaro’s father clarifies
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