Magic Realism In Midnight's Children

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balance, following his nose and thereby saving his life” (MC. 41).

The sneeze provides a sense of humour and levity to the vicious attack, distracting the reader from the annihilation itself. The author very magnificently plays with magic realism in such stern and realistic incidents of history.
The incorporation of the elements of “magic” and “realism” gives beauty and meaning to Midnight’s Children. Rushdie’s use of magic realism as a narrative technique is very pertinent as he portrays the postcolonial life in his novel. The Magic realism can therefore be seen as a contrivance binding Indian culture of the past to the contemporary multicultural interface. Rushdie used fantasy as a method of producing intensified images of reality. He uses this “intensified images of reality” in Midnight’s Children so as to
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In order to effectively exemplify a new and emerging Indian post coloniality, it becomes indispensable to write in a new way to properly communicate to the colonial and post-colonial citizens. Rushdie’s use of magic realism in Midnight’s Children becomes not only a new literary technique, but a necessary one, essential to communicate the new problems and struggles allied with Indian postcoloniality.
Midnight’s Children uses the framework of magical realism to explore the problems of post colonialism. Through the novel’s focus on the personal histories of its characters, along with its use of humour, the text destabilizes the authority and power of major historical events. By undercutting the power of these historical events, the novel grapples with both the Britain’s power over Indians, along with the Indian’s attempts to reassert their own power, through independence, and the consequences of this recently acquired
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