Magical Seahorse Short Story

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Semi 's Adventures: Magical Seahorse
By Eve Pierre
It was Semi 's seventh birthday. She was feeling lonely because she didn 't have any friends in the new city, her family moved to. So, to cheer her up, her parents took her to the local petstore. Semi was excited to go, because she wanted a nice pet to keep her company. She happily walked around the store. First, Semi saw the dogs that barked softly at her,
“Ruff, ruff”. She looked at her mom and said, “Can I have a dog, please?” Her mom said, “No.
We do not have a big backyard for a dog to run around.”
Then she went into the other section where there were cats. The cats meowed softly at

her, then she asked her mom if they could have a cat. Her mom said, 'No, although they are cute, we don 't have a scratching post. They last cat scratched up the furniture. Look for a new

pet, this time.
Her mom said, "Come over here and see all the fish in the aquarium. So Semi followed her

mom towards the goldfish. There were lots of kinds of fish in this store with different sizes

and colors. Semi said with a pout, " I don 't think I see any fish I want. As they were leaving the store, there were some colorful horse-looking fish that interested Semi. "That 's a seahorse,

look at how they glide in the water, said her mother.
"Can I get one mom?" asked Semi.
"Yes, but you have to take care of it." said Mom.
There was a seahorse that was yellow and orange with a pink fin on its back its back. It jumped

into Semi 's cup

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