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‘Nadja’ the work based on magical realism by Andre Breton’s is positioned somewhere amid the story of the author’s own life and a metaphysical historical imaginary tale with a deep indication of all the attributes of magical realism. Nadja is for sure a beautiful love story in its first level, but the underlying major question is regarding the entity of affection. The straight answer is the imaginary magical character, Nadja, a gorgeous and fascinating lady whom Breton, who is in fact the writer and the one who plays the lead character turn into fanatically obsessed with for about ten days. In the narrative we can identify that the character of Nadja lives her life by instinct and observes and evaluates the world in a different way than even Breton visualizes it. Breton is…show more content…
“You, who do so wonderfully all that you do and whose splendid reasons, not bounded for me in unreason, dazzle and all inexorably as thunderbolts.” (157) There are numerous ways of judging about Nadja and what the character symbolize for the writer, Breton. She can be considered as an unbound soul who portrays herself to be a “soul in limbo.” She is practically not able to survive for extended times in the real world and she is moved in to a sanitarium, where she lives the rest of her life. During one of their normal night walks, Nadja abruptly identifies a hand, made of fire above them. When Breton plans to move on, Nadja stops him and turns irritated: “But in reality what does that hand of fire signify? It shows the deeply residing passion and obsession between the two revealed in a symbolic way. “She is still quite distressed, and tells me to follow a line slowly traced across the sky by a hand.“Still that hand.” She shows it to me, as a matter of fact, on a poster, a little beyond the Dorbon bookstore. It so happens that there is, high above us, a red hand with its index finger pointing, advertising something or

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