Magician, The Wanderer ', 'Archetypes Of The Innocent'

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Author Carol S. Pearson clearly defines six heroic archetypes the Innocent, the Orphan, the Wanderer, the Warrior, the Altruist, and the Magician and shows how we can use these powerful guides. We us these powerful guides to discover our own hidden talents, solve difficult problems, and transform our lives with sources of inner strength. An archetype is a routine of behaviors that once discovered, helps you understand yourself and others. I would describe archetypes as the blueprints to our soul. • The Orphan We are all born in innocence, but the job of the orphan is to face life head on instead of becoming attached to the victim mindset and states of dependency. You have integrated your Orphan when you stop craving protection and security, and are willing to let others be freer as well; when you can balance wariness with hope, avoiding the conclusion that 'life is suffering '. You know about pain, but you also assert that it is not everything. • The Wanderer The archetype may make itself known in adolescence, when we start to look objectively at our place within the family and community. The Wanderer has a set view that life is not primarily suffering but an adventure. The main question of the Wanderer is whether they are simply escaping from trouble, or discovering who they truly are and what they truly want. When the wanderers wander they may go through mean painful breaks and terrifying leaps into the unknown, but without them we don 't grow. Wanderers usually

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