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The article Magid: Cyber security and bullying prevention are linked written by Larry Magid brings up cyber security and reveals how it is related to bullying prevention. While many are unaware that, “October is both National Bullying Prevention Month and National Cyber Security Awareness Month” this article brings the two topics together(Magid). People impersonating others on their social media accounts is a major way that the two topics connect and it begins when someone knows or discovers your credentials to log into specific accounts. While they can look for the credentials or get on your device while you are not in the room people can also bully a person to give them their password. Children and teens can feel peer pressure or extremely bullying when someone is trying to get a hold of their credentials. Students can also feel pressured because their other friends will share information but “children and teens need to be reminded that their…show more content…
Many people protect their phones with password and fingerprint scanners to prevent people from getting onto their accounts. People also set up remote access to their phone so in the case that the phone is stolen they have the ability to delete information or erase the content. Stalking is also a reoccurring form of bullying that brings the two topics together and young people need to become aware of. Posting certain things online can also make people susceptible to bullying so being cautious can prevent bullying. Peoples response to bullying can lead to affecting their security as it can lead to more bullying. A part of cyber security is being aware of how to block people if a person is in a situation where they are being bullied(Magid). Prevention of both topics are the same, scare tactics are not effective and people prefer honest information concerning the

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