Magna Carta In American History

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This article is about the importance of Magna Carta in American constructional history and how did Magna Carta come to America and achieve such prestige. This year is the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. From Europe to North America, from Australia to India, Magna Carta has a great impact on democracy around the world. However, no other countries can thoroughly understand Magna Carta better than the USA. Since the Magna Carta is in the core of the US constitution. Magna Carta is very important in American constitutional history, politics and legal culture. For example, there are strong influences from the Magna Carta in the US Declaration of Independence, Frame of Government of Pennsylvania and US Bill of Rights. According to this article,…show more content…
Ironically, it was in the gift of precisely those Stuart kings, who were elsewhere accused in England of disregarding the constitutional rights of their subjects that the principles of English liberty, enshrined in Magna Carta, emigrated across the Atlantic. As a symbol of liberty and human rights, the Magna Carta was originally meant to be a peace treaty between King John and his barons. The king fought losing wars in France, demanding more taxes from nobility expected to pay up if the king asked. However, Magna Carta may have remained legally inconsequential if it had not been resurrected and reinterpreted by the lawyer and jurist Sir Edward Coke in 1606. Magna Carta had a significant impact on American history from the very beginning. Since the new colonies was the Frist Charter of Virginia, Sir Edward Coke helped draft of the protection of Magna Carta to North America by confirming that English law had jurisdiction in the new colonies. Sir Edward Coke is one of the leaders praising highly the idea of Magna Carta, in his opinion; Magna Carta is the essence and the cornerstone of British justice and it is more important than any other legal
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