Similarities Between Magnesium And Hydrochlorimetry Lab Report

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Experiment 1
In the first experiment, half a gram of magnesium was combined with 3 milliliters of hydrochloric acid in a glass beaker. The magnesium looked like a gray powder. The hydrochloric acid appeared to be clear liquid and looked very similar to rubbing alcohol. Before, the reaction took place the magnesium and hydrochloric acid weighed 4.44 grams when weighed together. Once the magnesium and the hydrochloric acid were mixed together, the bottom of the beaker felt warm and it started to foam. It produced a strong odor, and became a thick white color. The magnesium also appeared to be lighter after the reaction, After we weighed the beaker the sample still weighed 4.44 grams. The change in color, production of gas, smell, and increase
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We can assume that the mass was very slightly decreased because of the gas created when the two were mixed but not significant enough for the scale to pick up. The mass staying the same shows that mass was not added or destroyed. The chemical equation is Mg+2 HCI→MgCl2+H2.

Experiment 2
In experiment two a folded strip of white paper was placed on a circular piece of glass. The paper and glass had a combined mass of 29.1 grams before the experiment. The paper was then lit on fire using a match and we let almost the whole strip burn. During the reaction ash was formed and the paper became dark and flakey. We also noticed a smell after the paper was lit on fire and was burning. When the paper and glass were weighed together after the experiment it weighed 28.9 grams. The signs of a chemical reaction was change in color, and smell of burning paper.

The Law of Conservation Mass was not violated by the experiment. After the experiment the mass had slightly decreased. This does not show mass being destroyed but what most likely happened was the paper burning and the fumes being released into the air. It also could have been that we could've lost flakes of the paper during the

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