Magnet Hospital Research Paper

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Running head: Magnet Hospitals Magnet Hospitals Teresita Coleman Texas Tech Magnet Hospitals have become the topic of discussion among those in the healthcare field. Many hosptials with Magnet status have been known by people to be very sucessful. Hospitals that are of magnet status are recognized by the American Nurse Credentialing Center. These hospitals meet certain criteria in several areas to gain this status. People wonder if the education the nurses get by obatining knowledge to gain a BSN in nursing help these organiztions become sucessful or does the hospitals itself offer more to their employees than the public eye can see. The benefits for the nurses and patients tied to Magnet status hospitals has a good effect…show more content…
Nurses are willing to stay at a hospital that recognizes them as part of the team. Magnet hospitals follow a retention model that “focuses on promoting standards for professional nursing practice and recognizing quality, excellence, and service” (Cherry & Jacob, 2014, p. 227). When nurses feel like they are part of the team from hospitals promoting these standards they are more willing to stay with the organization due to satisfaction. Nurse Satisfaction Nurse satisfaction to many nurses depends on how they feel about management. Many nurses feel that they can be satisfied with their place of employment if management listens to their needs and allows them to be involved in decisions: We now have an evidence-based definition of employee engagement relevant to healthcare. Engaged employees have strong emotional, rational and behavioral attachments to their job and their organization. They experience pride, values congruence, and job and organizational satisfaction, and they feel enthusiastic and inspired in their work. In short, the engaged employee is the ideal employee. (Lowe, 2012, p. 38) Nurse satisfaction strongly depends on the feeling of being valued at their place of employment and having needs met. Patient
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