Magnet Vs Non Magnet Hospital Essay

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Magnet versus non-Magnet Hospitals What is a magnet hospital and what does it offer that other hospitals don’t. If you were to go to a Magnet versus a non-Magnet hospital, would you be able to tell the difference? The purpose of this paper is to describe some of the differences and the benefits of a Magnet hospital verse a non-Magnet hospital. The Magnet Recognition Program is considered the highest credential recognition for nursing excellence. A hospital needs to meet all requirements set by the American nurses credentialing center (ANCC) to be considered a Magnet hospital. The process to obtain magnet status takes over four years with an average cost of over 2 million dollars.…show more content…
Nurses are advocates for their patients and like to have their concerns and ideas heard. Magnet hospitals are said to have fewer incident reports. They provide a safe environment with the use of a lift and patient transfer equipment that saves on the nurse 's backs, the use of needleless IV needles, they are a latex-free facility and have a lower number of hospital-acquired infections such as MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). They have a zero tolerance for harassment and abuse. They also have a bullying hotline that the staff can address any issues they feel are not getting resolved. They offer debriefing sessions to all staff. Magnet hospitals strive for safe, excellent nursing and high-quality patient care for every patient every time. Maintaining nursing staff helps with cost reduction on new orientation, and you have more seasoned nurses on staff that are strong leaders that stay calm in stressful situations. Conclusion When magnet hospitals meet all the requirements, studies have proven better working conditions and improved outcomes. With magnet hospital involving nursing staff in patient care decisions, it makes them feel they are a part of something special. Magnet hospitals strive for excellence making it appealing to nurses looking for employment. When the nurses are taken care of and are happy in the workplace, it plays a role in a
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