Magnetic Field Present Lab Report

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Research Question:
Does the speed or velocity of the car change due to the magnetic field present?

Background information:
We know that s=1/2(u+v)t where, v= velocity/speed (m/s), d= displacement (m), t= time (s). u=initial velocity (m/s)
When an object moves, it often undergoes changes in speed and motion. The equation used above is an equation of motion, In that specific equation, acceleration is constant acceleration due to gravity. The area of the graph on this equation shows us the rate of change of displacement.

To prove that the time taken for the car to reach the end point is more with the magnet present compared to the car without the magnet.

My hypothesis is that the time taken for the car with the magnet will
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The systematic errors are the ones that come up due the errors made by me while taking the measurements which are represented on the graphs. Also, there might be a delay in the time taken as my reaction time and the time taken by the car could differ since the time taken is shorter than my reaction time and the error is bigger in comparison. Along with that, the deviations caused by the magnet and the aluminium strip causes a major difference in the actual time taken compared to the time calculated.

However, the experiment was quite successful despite the errors that occurred. The results obtained are mostly consistent and support the hypothesis stated at the start of the experiment. The time taken for the car with the magnet will take more time to travel the distance on the aluminium strip compared to the car on the plastic strip as the magnet will cause friction and deviations on the path.

More amount of trials and precision and a better range of distances could have been more accurate and constant which would lead to a better result. I could have also used better instruments to make it more efficient and realistic. Along with that, maybe a change of variables could help come to more of an accurate decision and prove the hypothesis

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