Essay On Magnetic Hill

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The world is full of strange things. There are many such things on which people are surprised after knowing or hearing about it. In the same way today we have brought for you the most dangerous and mysterious places in the world which is very wonderful. You will also be surprised by reading about these places. These place always remains a headache for the scientists. 1. MAGNETIC HILL We are going to tell the magnetic hill situated in India which are located at Leh- Kargil-Srinagar Highway, 30 km away from Leh in India.The river Indus also flows in the eastern part of this hill. This magnetic hill is also known as Gravity Hill.It is believed that the rule of gravitation on this hill fails. According to the law of gravity, if we leave any object on the slope, it will roll down but it does not happen on the magnetic hill,if we put a gear in a car and leave it, then this hill climbs to the top of the slope and not to the bottom.The people who came here have also certified this…show more content…
Dean Munroe mentioned in his book about the greening of the Grunard Island.But today this island is completely deserted. The population of here is zero. 8. BERMUDA TRIANGLE Over the centuries, the Bermuda Triangle has remained a mystery to the world. So far, many of the people who have passed through here have lost many ships and planes. But no one knows the real cause of it.However, from time to time the researchers made many claims to solve this puzzle but no claim came true. But now the scientists have claimed that after a lot of research they have all of them. The reason behind it is known by researchers.According to research by scientists, dangerous winds run over this triangle.The speed of these winds is 170 miles per hour.When a ship falls in the air, it loses its balance. Because of which he gets an Accident. These winds are due to the cloud formed on it. SABLE
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