Magnus Chase By Rick Riordan Analysis

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Hi what 's up? I 'm going to tell you about 3 conflicts. In the story Magnus chase by Rick Riordan. All of these conflicts are really weird but also cool at the same time so let 's get into it. The first conflict is that Magnus snuck into his uncle Randolph 's house. He was there because he was trying to look for why they were looking for him because they were trying to hunt him down and find him. His uncle found him in his house but surprisingly he was not angry he was honestly astonished he really wanted to talk to Magnus so this was the perfect opportunity. Randolph went on and on and on about his studying of the Vikings he kept going and going until he finally hit a very important word. This word was the one thing Magnus really wanted, it was about his dad.…show more content…
The second conflict is about what Randolph said to Magnus that made him so interested in what he was saying. This was about his dad his dad, left him when he was a little boy and he always wanted to know what he was like. Randolph and Magnus sped off in a car to go and try and find a spot that Magnus thought was unknown. They were driving to this weird river. But on the way Magnus asked," Randolph what he meant about his dad", Randolph replied,"I think your dad was a Norse God you know the ones that people always told their children just as bedtime stories. I think they were real but I 'm trying to figure that out." Magnus thought about this the whole time through the car ride to the river these very words were engraved in his head he could not stop thinking about them. Next I will talk about the river there was a big incident
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