Mahabharata Analysis

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Chitra Banerjee 's reinterpretation of Mahabharata brings out a unique and interesting narrative style. On one hand the author proceeds with first person narration and plotting the story in a telltale manner, on the other hand the natural and existing narrative style of the ancient text includes the narrative technique of Magical Realism. Mahabharata couldn 't have achieved the phenomenal success in the world of literature if it hadn 't got supernatural elements infused in a very simple manner making it a magnificent text. It also brings out the belief of supernatural existence on earth with the character of Krishna who is known to be the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. But even though Krishna as a divine being, lived ordinarily amongst…show more content…
Not only Panchaali 's beloved Palace of Indraprastha which was as mysterious and magnificent as all magical events that happened in the ancient text, but the whole world where these characters played a phenomenal role became a palace to the supernatural events that had the power to illusion every being, the characters as well as the readers. Mahabharata 's illusion was so powerful that even today it is not justified whether its story was a creative work by a poet or a real life event that took place three thousand years ago. Divakaruni’s novel is a beautiful portrayal of all the supernatural forces prevailing in the ancient text and yet it contains the essence of contemporary reality that is…show more content…
The novel The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni justifies its title with reference to the notion of the research project. Juxtaposition of magic and reality is an interesting method of narrating an episode which otherwise is so common throughout the world. Events like sibling rivalries, public molestation of women, sacrifices by mothers and wives, battles and wars and so on has been known for centuries, but such events does not excite us as much as the text of Mahabharata does. Magical element in such stories adds the extraordinary touch of excitement. The referred novel brings the components of reality and magic in such a way that the complete story portrays a different dimension of understanding
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