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1) PLOT OF THE MOVIE : The movie evolves around the 3 main characters Sara , Aamy and sultan . Sara an innocent girl and Aamy a disabled man, a happy couple who lives in Islamabad. One fine day they were enjoying at f9 park along with Aamy sister Mahagul suddenly a black SUV appears and attempt to kidnap Mahagul , In order to save her Sara gives a sacrifice and goes with them after some days the men dump Sara to her residence Sara tells her family from what she has gone through and she insists her family to take a stand for her but they knew nothing will happen so they choose to remain silent The marriage between Aamy and Sara is ramshackle as the rapist cling to sending presents to Sara and trying to influence her to leave Ammy and marry him. Aamy misunderstood Sara's state. Sara asks Aamy to leave her alone for some days. Sara talks to her friend, who is a lawyer. Together, they attempt to resolve this case of getting her justice. incidents takes place one by one and then sara decides to meet sultan They meet up and ultimately, she goes on "a date" with her rapist…show more content…
The film was written, directed and produced by the shoaib mansoor himself under the banner of his company shoman productions, and distributed by hum TV . This is the third installment by shoaib mansoor to the Pakistani cinema though Pakistan censor board took a banned to the movie because of its sensitive content and depicts the government organizations in an objectionable manner. However they make it big to the cinema houses. 3. What effect it can leave on its audience? The film is to inspire women to take a stand for themselves. The film encourages women to live and fight back after sexual assault. The movie highlighted that how the illicit power is used in Pakistan against the public. rape is the most common form of power against women. Even the poster of the movie had seven hidden messages which are as follows: Aabroo (Pride/Honor) Zehr-e-Hussn Ismat

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