Mahatma Gandhi Change

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How Mahatma Gandhi Changed The World There are many people who majorly battled for and influenced peace and love among all living things on this planet. From Martin Luther King Jr. to Edison Uno, hundreds of individuals devoted their life’s work to grant people all their rights, specifically, Mahatma Gandhi, who threw away everything just to create a better life for himself and others. On October 2 1869, Mohandas Gandhi, also known to many as Mahatma Gandhi, was brought to life. Born in a town located in Western India, Gandhi was raised by a middle class family. During his late teenage years, Gandhi went abroad to England on September 4 1888, where he continued his studies in law, and practiced law later on in South Africa. Upon his arrival to South Africa, he experienced racial discrimination for the first time, and that made him open his eyes to see what was happening in the world. At Pietermaritzburg train station, Gandhi was shoved out for being colored. Once he returned to India, he realized that there was also a lot of conflict in India, which was a result of high taxes that the British were demanding. This was because India was under the British rule. This lead him to spending the remainder of his life protesting and fighting for peace and tranquility between different societies, as well as India’s independence from the British. Despite the struggle, Gandhi was determined and never gave up. After a lifetime of hard work and dedication, his wish was granted when India
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