Mahatma Gandhi Dialectical Journal

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"*Everything you do in life will be insignificant*. *But it is very important that you do it*. *Because... No one else would*." - Mohandas Gandhi I wake up dazed looking at the streamed bleak space-grey eyes, staring back into me, forgetting every word they 've ever said, their faces buried in sadness, only to be smothered in a window of blinding light. Moments pass, I turn listening to the dark hearts beat trembling the ground beneath me, crashing against the Shores of the Forgotten, standing on the hills of this ancient cage, looking for an exit- endless rows of articularly made columns, weathered but resilient. And there I stood, Hopeless, stranded. If I bleed you won 't miss me at all, but I promise you that I will be there to watch you fall. An empty and lonely world, telling me to leap into your darkest memories, to live in your lives, to experience your pain. The Feeling of your suffering, knowing your most sinster thoughts. Why? Because my job is simple: clean up your memories if you loved it and if it were to be pure, I make it seem brighter, happier. But, usually, I make you struggle to stay afloat in the darkness inside of…show more content…
The world of memories, a world that I have been thrown in, arid, stale. Sick and twisted world set ablaze in the fire of silence. A single ray of hope draws in on me every night, coming only as glimpses and flashes, of a being, a person, never lasts much though. Mostly I end up burnt out, shivering at the lullaby of crashing waves, the only song in this world, the flickering of it 's darkness makes up most of my nights, I fear it, and at the same time I think of it as my only salvation, a requiem that keeps me from losing

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