Mahatma Gandhi: Non Violent Protester

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Mahatma Gandhi Non Violent Protester Peaceful, non violent, and brave can describe Mahatma Gandhi. Many people know Gandhi as a protester against the English, but he was so much more. As a well known non violent protester, Mahatma Gandhi inspired African Americans that they should fight for equal rights. Gandhi helped the world by showing people that they can change the way that they are treated without violence like they used to. He left behind a lasting legacy of helping people fight for their freedom and equality. The life of Mahatma Gandhi was very impactful on him and lots of other people. His parents influenced him to make the best of his life by getting a good education. They encouraged him to go to school, even though he was very shy and didn’t like to talk much. When he finished high school in 1887, his family suggested that he go to school…show more content…
When he was on a train a englishman asked him to get off the train. He peacefully stood up and walked off the train to the train station where he began meditating. While meditating he decided that he wanted to fight against racial prejudice. One way he fought was by marching all the way to Dandi, along with the 7,000 people who joined him along the way. This was known as the Salt March. Mahatma Gandhi’s life was very impactful, not for just his country, but for America as well. Along with the many struggles in his life, marriage was one of them. Betrothal was especially difficult after he had been betrothed three times (Desai, pg 3). Getting married at such a young age was one of the many things he was against. But being the son of a very religious mother, he married at the age of thirteen. But one of the problems was that he was a year behind in school because he was married. Then he spent time with his wife and tried to understand how to be a good husband and still go to
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