Mahatma Gandhi Resilience Essay

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How Mahatma Gandhi Has Influenced Me “Be the change you want to see in the world” -Mahatma Gandhi- Mahatma Gandhi is renowned for his work in the human rights field and for his efforts in bringing India to their independence. He courageously fought against the system and for the minority. He led protests, he began a national movement and he underwent hunger strikes to make sure that his opinions and the opinions of millions of others were heard. He gave up the great opportunities he was given to fight for the rights of others. He was selfless, humble and kind hearted among other things and he’s influenced me with his rebellious acts. Mahatma Gandhi didn’t come from a rich family nor did he come from an educated one; he was so poor that he had to drop out from the cheapest college he could afford. He did not excel at anything during his school years. He couldn’t even talk to others properly due to his extreme shyness during his adolescence yet he…show more content…
His resilience had pulled him through hard times and made him the man he was. His resilience has really influenced me; it’s affected me in a way where I myself have become resilient. Since I was young, I’ve been moving from country to country and when I moved to Indonesia, I had a hard time adapting to the culture, traditions, school system and curriculum. It was very stressing; the pressure school had put on me. I was almost constantly kicking myself; even to this day I kind of do but I was resilient. I didn’t let the fact that I was years of materials behind everyone else bother me. I continued to try my best and study hard, and with hard work and resilience, I was able to successfully graduate junior high school with good grades. I may have not graduated with flying colours, but I’m content with my results; especially knowing how much effort and hard work I’ve put into it and how resilient I was during the harder
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