Mahatma Gandhi: The Father Of India

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Mahatma Gandhi : Father of India

“Power, influence and control, during colonialism, can only be maintained as long as an empire can sustain the enormous pressure of protesters and independence movements and still maintains the ability to rule over such area without difficulty.” (Felix F. -2017). The United Kingdom colonized the Indian Subcontinent in 1858. After the collapse of the British East India company, the UK sent colonizers to make the British influence land by the EIC a colony of Great Britain. India at the time was thought to be one of the most economically stable countries, as it had developed its governmental system to one of the best and most stable functioning systems in the world. Many historians believe that, even though the United Kingdom was such a powerful country because it had established the largest empire through colonies in modern history, India was a more developed, functioning and richer country. Once the British colonized the Indian Subcontinent, it was clear that they were profiting off of this stable economy and rich country immensely. This was mainly because of the salt and mineral exports from India which the British did not resist to get their hands on. Mohandas Gandhi, was undoubtedly the most iconic and well known, Indian independence activist, wanting and fulfilling to achieve all his goals without violence. He proposed to quote: “Home Rule”, India, basically meaning that he wanted to achieve independence. Gandhi, although being a very
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