Mahatma Gandhi: The History Of India's Freedom Movement

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The story of India 's freedom movement is incomplete without recalling the colossal contribution of Mahatma Gandhi. Conceived on October 2, 1869, Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi was unarguably the best man in the history of India (Pathak, 2008). He originated from a very much refined and religious working class Hindu family of Porbandar, Gujarat. In 1891, he cleared out London and returned back to India for law rehearse in Bombay (Veeravalli, 2014). Yet, his shy nature bombed every one of his endeavors of becoming a legitimate proficient. Later in the year 1895, Gandhi went to South Africa as a lawful agent under one year contract of Dada Abdulla and Company. This progression changed Gandhi 's life in practically every angle. While working in South Africa, he confronted racial discrimination and other inhumane law that British government had forced on Indians. This formed Gandhi 's social activism and abilities of political leadership (Veeravalli, 2014).
In 1894, Gandhi established Natal Indian Congress with the support of Indian people to battle for their legitimate rights. The Transvaal government propelled another demonstration in the year 1906 for driving enlistment of Indian people. Against the recently propelled demonstration of the government, Indian people accumulated in Johannesburg on September 11 under the leadership of Gandhi (Pathak, 2008). In the meeting, he encouraged the people for serene protest and a huge number of supporters acknowledged his

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