Mahatma Gandhi: The Values Of A Greed For Every Man's World

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Part A Task 2
Mahatma Gandhi once said that “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed ”. This statement says that the earth has enough resources to support all of humanity. However, it cannot support a luxurious lifestyle for all of us. If we want everyone to survive, then we must make some sacrifices. The standard we have in Norway is too high to support the rest of humanity. The life standard you wish for is not achievable for the rest of the world. The resources only allow each one of us to take exactly as much as needed. No more, No less.
The greed in Gandhi’s message is the life we dream of. Everyone wants a better, or more luxurious lifestyle. It’s not a bad type of greed, and it’s certainly not evil. It is just not attainable. The greed Gandhi talks about is just the dream of a utopia where everyone lives in a relative luxury. This is a nice dream, but we cannot reach it because of the limited recourses on the planet. Gandhi means that some of us must give up on both luxury and the dream of it for the greater good.

Part B task 3D

We humans are the only known species that is dominating all over the world. We are also the only ones who are trying to fix the environment, even though we were the ones who broke it.
It is only in recent times that we have realised that nature is not inexhaustible. We had no idea of what the repercussions of our actions would be until just a few decades ago. We have chopped down massive amounts of
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