Mahatma Gandhi's Moral Courage

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Even though Mohandas Gandhi was small in size his impact on India’s independence was tremendous. Gandhi had moral courage in fighting for India 's independence. Secondly, when fighting for India 's independence, he used non-violent protesting. Finally, because he used non-violence, his moral courage cost him his life. By examining Gandhi’s fight for India’s independence, non-violent protesting, and how his moral courage costing him his life, it is clear that he was a beautiful and courageous man, who fought for what he believed in. Gandhi’s first act of moral courage was “standing up and fighting for India’s independence, despite the threats from certain groups of people that were against Gandhi’s movements and beliefs” (How did…show more content…
He believed that not any situation should have violence. For example, he did not use violence even when the police arrested him for no reason. Also, when he was attacked by a mob of white people in Durban, he did not want to press charges against the mob of people. He said “it was one of his principles, not to seek redress the world no matter the risks and consequences of his actions”. Even though he had some injuries he still did not want to press charges, which revealed Gandhi really did not like violence and he would do anything to display to the people that you can solve differences without violence. Gandhi connects to the Holocaust because he had a positive impact on India and the Holocaust left a negative impact on the Jews, so they both left tremendous impacts. Also, they are similar because Gandhi felt what he was doing was right, so did Hitler. Another example is after Gandhi was arrested for no reason he did not think all police were mean , just as the Jews did not think all Germans were mean. Gandhi also caused riots just as Hitler caused riots. The only difference is Gandhi was a great man and Hitler was not. Also Gandhi fought for his life and many Jews fought for their lives just as well, and the outcome for many Jews was the same they both got something out of the non-violent
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