Mahayana In Theravada

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In Theravada, the aim is to reach a state of nirvana and to practice the noble eightfold path, to escape the sequence of misery and rebirth. It started to spread in Sri lanka and southwest Asia.
Mahayana however have many traditions. It inspire the Buddhahood to the bodhisattva path, this means person becomes in a state of rebirth to make others reach the state of awakening.
Vajrayana is the teachings related to Indian siddhas. Mahayana is more present in Mongolia, Himalayas, Kalmykia. So Buddhism in other words started with the birth of Buddha . However he was born guatama and raised in Kapilavatta he is the song of suddahoda and Maya , he was born in lumbini gardens. Richard Gombrich considered he was born in Shakyas community. It started when queen Maya had a dream of a white elephant, it was told he is going to be a powerful king. The rivers weren’t flowing, sky rained flowers, a lotus flower appeared when came to earth. His father built him a palace to enjoy life and desires. One day he came out of palace went to china, Yun gang caves. He made unpleasant things to be remembered. He saw a sick man , a beggar and a dead body. So he discovered people are not living a wealthy life , people are poor , they become sick, old and
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These missions made the extent of Buddhism to china and to srilanka to the extent of Buddhism to china and to srilanka and then to the extent of the coastal lands of southwest Asia. This was the first spread beyond Indian lands. The laws of Asoka, went to many countries to India in order to spread Buddhism in the Seleucid empire and beyond Hellenistic empires of the Mediterranean. There was difference among the scholars and not by were attended by the missionaries. In Asia Buddhist spread through the Greek speaking Buddhist royals and Asia trade route. Milindapania is the talk that happened between monk of Buddha and the Greek about the path of

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