What Is Mahindra Suv's500 Market Segmentation

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Mahindra SuvS500 Market Segmentation and Target.
Market segmentation is a strategy used in marketing to split a broad target market into sub sets of consumers with common priorities and needs so they can be easily reached and their demands met.
This strategy classifies homogenous needs, behavior,characteristics and tends to supply goods to this sector who later becomes the actual target.
Mahindra SUV s500 market was carefully analyzed and customers with a unique and particular need were identified and the business class professionals were targeted in terms of age (25 - 45) and demographic distribution.
Mahindra SUV S500 is a luxury product and only the middle and top class were targeted because they also gave room for installments, the initial
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Their life expectancy was 68 - 98 years and fertility rate was 2.3% and the net immigration has increased drastically especially with the acquisition of northern Ukraine.
Russia was chosen as a target market because of their surging economy and Russia been the largest country in the world as they occupy one- eighth of the earth’s inhabited land area. Russia is also blessed with a population of 143million people with GDP of -4.9% and they have been graded as the fastest growing economy by G8 analysis of industrialized nations.
Russia also has a very low level of public debt and their financial institution has really improved with modern banking infrastructures. They have a lucrative market and the exchange rate is $31.5
Russia is also a unique target because of the very young consumer society who are pric conscious but always over willing to pay for the quality perceived from any product.
Ater Us, Japan and china, russians are the fourth highest spenders and 70% of the total income is disposable which make 60% of the citizens rich enough to afford foreign
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2) Grasp the usefulness and facts of the news.
3) Recognize the important context to the meaning of the news.
4) Be conversant of the influence of the news on our behaviors and beliefs.

The media has different motives and drives and these are things we have to understand fully, in today’s world news has become entertainment other than a presentation of true occurrence.events only becomes news once they have been selected and once selected they are exaggerated.
It is now an era where sex, crime, fear, deaths, diseases sells faster than positive events and happenings.
Advertising Mahindra SUV S500.
The advertising process must be designed in such a way that it informs, motivates and mould the societal values of the automobile.
Since we are targeting professionals then we can endorse a celebrity who is a business professional and has a reputation of luxury and class.
The imagery effects shall be on top of the list as the audience must be able to have a full glance of the interior, exterior and engine of the car on the screen. It must be structured in a way it has an appeal to emotion feautured in the advertisement as women are more emotionally

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