Mahmoud Dawish Poetry Analysis

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In Darwish 's school celebration of the Israeli Independence Day, Mahmoud Darwish actually recited his first poem which was entitled: A letter to my Jewish brother. That was his first poem ever which started in the fifties. Later, Darwish became a seasoned poet and he had a very important role to play in the National Palestinian Movement as a prominent poet, thinker and intellectual who had much to do with the development of Palestinian political and literary consciousness. His frequent imprisonments only served to enhance his poetic abilities .In 1964, Darwish had the courage to challenge not only the Israelis but the whole world who was engaged in a conspiracy of silence about Palestine, he expressed his identity clearly and ferociously addressing his interrogator: "Write down: I am an Arab! And my identity card is number fifty thousand, I have eight children and the ninth is coming after a summer. Will you be angry? Write down! I am an Arab, Employed with fellow workers at a quarry, I have eight children, I mine their bread, garments and books from the rocks. I do not supplicate charity at your doors, nor do I belittle myself at the footsteps of your chamber, so will you be angry? My father... descends from the family of the plow, Not from a privileged class, And my grandfather...was a farmer, Neither well-bred, nor well-born! Teaches me the pride of the sun, Before teaching me how to read, Write down! I am an Arab, You have stolen the orchards of my
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