Mahogany: Homophobia In Everyday Life

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Per Reporter: According to Felecia, Mahogany did not have anywhere to live. Felecia allowed Mahogany and the child to live with her for two months. Mahogany is physically abusive towards the child. June 19, 2017 Mahogany kicked and hit the child with her fist. There are black and blue bruises on the child’s back. There was an altercation between Mahogany and Felecia; Felecia does not like the way Mahogany treats the child. Mahogany is very aggressive verbally. Consequently, Felecia asked Mahogany to leave her home. The manager (unknown) of the apartment complex contacted law enforcement. Law enforcement advised Mahogany to leave the premises. Mahogany and the child are currently at the Astro motel in Meridian; the room number is unknown. Mahogany

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