Mai Lytle Analysis

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I think that Mai Lytle should be a saint. But do Mark Lytle, Emilie Lytle, and Kit Nguyen see the same? I have asked these three people four questions to see their point of view on Mai Lytle. First, how do you think Mai Lytle serves God by serving others? “Mai Lytle is selfless in her dealings with her fellow human beings. She routinely volunteers to help with school activities that are important to her children, family and school. For instance, Mai, has often lead a girl scout troop for Saint Mary’s at various grade levels and many more.” Says Mark Lytle. “She always serves others by chipping in to what activities her children do, she also cares for the sick, and during hard times she puts a smile on everyone’s face.” Answers Emilie Lytle.…show more content…
I can definitely tell she truly loves me.” Says Kit Nguyen. Second, how do you think Mai Lytle is a leader? “Mai Lytle is a leader because she is not shy about undertaking the many responsibilities that come with volunteering. One example is how Mai volunteered to set up and manage the neighborhood fourth of July. The volunteer position required Mai to get permits for the parade and to organize the order and participants in the parade.” Mark Lytle says. “I think she is a leader because she helps me to not be stressful, is polite to others and always is there to help” Answers Emilie Lytle.…show more content…
Third, what life lessons does Mai Lytle teach throughout her life to be closer to God? “Mai Lytle is often the driver of our family to go to church on Sunday. Many times, we are tired or too busy to go to mass. It is usually Mai that encourages us to attend mass, Mai also teaches us to be very strict in accomplishing our
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