Mai Tan Company Case Study: Ichitan Company

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1.1 Company Background Ichitan Group is the manufactures and sells varies types of beverage. The company was founded by Mr. Tan Passakornatee who expertise of green tea market in Thailand and it was established on 9th September 2010. Formally, Ichitan Group was named as “Mai Tan Company” it means there is always have solution for entire problems and another reason because of his name to be a part of the company’s name. However, the company had listed into stock exchange in 21st April 2014 and changed the name to “ICHITAN GROUP PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED”. To gain the capital and support related businesses such as manufacturer and sell beverages, beverage distributor, restaurant, hotel, land and space rental, property and wedding studio. This report will focus on beverage business. Although Ichitan Group has been operating for a few years, the firm is growing rapidly and now hold number one of green tea market which have 42% of market share in Thailand. The company differentiates and positions its products as high quality drinks. The products are made from carefully selected pure ingredients, passed through a hi-tech safety controlled processing and bottling in order to meet standard of product safety while maintaining freshness of ingredients. Ichitan Group not only focusing in quality of product to meet standardize but also concerning about social responsibilities. As the firm achieve the successfully goals Mr.Tan have willingness to contribute his 50% profit share for Tan

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