Maid In Manhattan Movie Analysis

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Have you ever wondered why most American movies portray people with color or origin as terrorists, maids, or just secondary characters? Have you ever thought of why specific ethnicities and races are represented most of the time as inferiorities? The representation of race, gender, and ethnicity in the media is accompanied by a stuff stereotype, and this is leads to the negativity and discrimination in our society today. I have chosen the movie “Maid in Manhattan” since it portrays and handles the issues of race discrimination and social class inequality. I will be handling each issue separately. To begin with, the movie talks about an American representative running for Senator who falls in love with a Latin maid that works at the hotel he works in. He falls in love with the main actress, Jennifer Lopez, when he sees her dressed in the clothes of the woman whose room she was cleaning. What can we notice in this case? The American senate, played by Ralph Fiennes, was attracted to Lopez based on her wealthy outer appearance. Lopez then throughout the movie states as two of her lines the following, “Would you have looked at me the same way if you knew I were a maid?”, “I just wanted to see how it feels like when someone like you looks at someone like me”. These two lines portray how social class inequality is a very common issue that runs in the American society as well as worldwide. According to Boundless 2015, ‘Status clearly depends not only on income, but also

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