Maid Of Honor

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Sonya is Maid of Honor and has been paired up with groomsman, Seth, her enemy and brother of her roommate, Naomi. Sonya has no date for the wedding. She needs to find a date so Seth doesn’t tease her. Seth is head over heels for Sonya, but doesn’t have the guts to tell her. He and Sonya run into each other at a bar. They both get drunk. They end in bed together with only vague memories. Sonya is angry and embarrassed. Sonya decides to use Naomi’s magic cookbook to bake herself a date. If you bake a cake from the cookbook and eat a slice, a sexy man appears to fulfill all of your sexual fantasies. Sonya bakes a cake, eats a slice, and Cody appears. Seth is jealous she brought a date. They get in an argument. Sonya drags him into a closet to tell him off. Sparks fly between them and they have sex.…show more content…
The bride ‘fires’ Sonya as her Maid of Honor. Embarrassed, Sonya runs off with Cody. Cody disappears. Distraught, she bakes more cakes to find her dream man, just Naomi did in the previous Beef Cake story. Naomi goes to the wedding. Sonya is left alone to try out her 3 cakes. She eats all 3 cakes and 3 different dream men show up. They seduce her. Seth hears strange noises inside Sonya’s apartment and breaks down the door. The 3 men disappear. Seth finds Sonya naked, blindfolded and tied to her
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