Personal Narrative: Tom's Fastest Mailman

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Well, Tom was a strange man I'll tell you that for sure. He loved to deliver mail but only on foot, not by walking either, by running. Tom would leave the post office and as soon as he put his foot out of the door he started running, he never liked to drive and always thought he would become the slowest mailman in the business if he would just sit around and drive. When tom was a young boy he liked to run and he always beat the older kids in races even though he was shorter than them, but one day tom was sitting on the porch at his house and he saw a mailman running, he thought to himself 'I want to do that' so later that day he got his mom's purse and put pieces of blank paper in the bag and walked around his house knocking…show more content…
One day tom was just about to end his shift when three men pulled up three trucks with the post office logo on them, "what do you think you're doin" tom said, tom was worried, not about the people, but about what these new machines were and what they were going to do with these trucks. "I would like to introduce you to The Mail Truck, faster than any mailman you have probably ever seen." Tom was hurt, hurt that anybody thought that some crazy looking truck could beat him delivering mail. "I'll go up against it, I don't think that can beat me!" The man with the handle bar mustache shrugged and hopped in the truck and started his engine, the two other men looked at tom like he was crazy, one man ran to the middle of the road and said "on your mark... get set... GO!" Tom immediately took off running and the mail truck took off with him, the mailman was breaking a sweat once he had seen that the mail truck was catching up at rapid speed, tom knew that he had to save his job, he ran faster than he ever has before leaving the mail truck in the dust. Tom saved his job, but still ended up getting mail trucks, for the lazy

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