Main Advantages And Disadvantages Of Business

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01, April, 2016
Dear Mr. Harvey,
Within this document you will encounter a vast analysis regarding your main inquiry of which type of business is the most suitable for you and your colleagues ambitions. In order to do so, below is the outline of the main characteristics of the different types of business organization considering the main advantages and disadvantages. Lastly, you will find a legal advice emphasizing the best options for your needs, taking into consideration all the elements that where addressed in the document.
In order to gain a clear interpretation of the analysis it is convenient to take a deep look into the relevant facts of this case. Mr Harvey, Mrs Julie, and Mr Andrew are planning the creation of a business were each one of them will carry out different responsibilities, three months after setting up the idea of a business where Mr Harvey will obtain the title of CEO, Mr Andrew is going to be in charge of the research and development and Mrs Julie of the Corporate accounting and legal representative, Mr Andrew wins a competition where he is offered 200.000 $ as an initial investment for the creation of a business, the money is going to be given just if two preconditions are accomplished, these ones are; the business must be located in Delaware and Mr Andrew must create a credible Business plan before the second of April. Furthermore, some events happened were the parties begun to distrust some actions of their colleagues. In order to solve the

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