Main Cause Of Climate Change

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The main cause for climate change is human activities According to NASA the global sea level rose 8 inches since 1880 and the sea level will rise another 1 to 4 feet in 2100 The cause is climate change which causes expansion of sea water as it warms and added water from the melting ice sheets. Of course this isn’t the only effect that climate change has on earth , climate change is the change of earth overall climate or earth average temperature which has risen by 1.7 degree Fahrenheit since 1880 which may not seem a lot but it can have big effects like the increasing sea level , what is the cause ? It’s called the greenhouse effect , in a greenhouse the heat is trapped by the glass , earth is a greenhouse , gasses…show more content…
Other people might argue that the sun is causing climate change , and when you hear it , it kind of makes sense , all the energy reaching our planet is from the sun , global temperature rose 0.7 degree Celsius since 1970 but scientists found that increasing solar activity actually makes the temperature cooler and declining solar activity to make the temperature warmer Some might argue that rising of greenhouse gasses may be contributing to higher oxygen levels , causing global cooling instead of warming , but as explained before , burning fossil fuels and coal and oil combine carbon and oxygen in the air to make carbon dioxide which means it consumes oxygen which means lower oxygen levels not…show more content…
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